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Garmin Nuvi 855t

Garmin Nuvi 855t

Garmin Nuvi 855t – More Info

The Garmin Nuvi 855t is the latest in the 800 series of Bluetooth portable GPS navigators from Garmin. The Garmin Nuvi 855t features a 4.3 widescreen which has an even color and doesn’t glare in sunlight and has a GPS navigator with voice recognition so that you can give directions to it without worrying about other peoples’ voices confusing it. The Garmin Nuvi 855t also has MSN Direct which provides a traffic service that keeps you updated on roads, traffic, and even gas prices, newspaper headlines, the Doppler Radar, and flight statuses. It also comes pre-loaded with maps of the United States, Canada, and even Puerto Rico so that you can see any area with the touch of a button. The Garmin Nuvi 855t also has the Where am I? function which tells you where all of the emergency services are closest to where you are driving.

The GPS navigator with traffic using the MSN direct is likely the neatest function in this GPS. With MSN Direct, you can use the internet to find the most pertinent information on the city you’re driving in, such as weather conditions, gas prices, where streets are, traffic conditions and even things like movie schedules and the events happening in that town for the next while. With all of this information right at your fingertips, it makes traveling not only less stressful, but more fun too.

The biggest contender for your attention when choosing a Garmin Nuvi is the Garmin Nuvi 765t which has many of the same features as the Nuvi 885t, leading many consumers to wonder what the difference is and why to pick one over the other. The main difference between the two GPS units lies in your fashion of driving. Both units have preloaded maps of Canada and America, both of them have MSN Direct, though the 765t only has it as an option which you’ll have to pay extra for it. Both of them have features like Where am I? and lane assist. However, where you’ll have to make a decision lies in style more than function. The Nuvi 885t has voice activated directions, meaning that it is a completely hands-free unit. However, the Nuvi 765t has 3-D building modeling and is fifty dollars cheaper than the Nuvi 885t. What it boils down to is whether you want to pay fifty dollars more for the hands off model or either have a passenger with you to operate the GPS or preset everything and/or be very quick and well learned with your menus so you can access them safely while driving.

The Garmin Nuvi 885t and 885 have many features which makes driving even easier than before, but there are still calls from critics to make another GPS that has the features of both the 885t and the 765t, so while the 885t may seem as though it should be an improvement, it’s actually more like a deviation from other GPS lines from Garmin with many of the same features as other GPS units with only a couple of differences. The bottom line is that while this is a great GPS unit, you will want to think about whether it’s worth paying a whopping four hundred dollars for when you can get one with almost all of the same features, minus the voice recognition, for fifty dollars cheaper. On the other hand, paying an extra fifty dollars for safety may seem like small change to you, so in the end, it comes down to a matter of taste over anything else when choosing the Garmin Nuvi 855t over other Garmin GPS units.

Garmin Nuvi 855t – More Info

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