Internet Domain Name Confusion

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Internet Domain Name Confusion

Eliminating Internet Domain Name Confusion by Colin McDougall

Watch this video to help you eliminate any internet domain name confusion you might have:

It’s not surprising that there exists a lot internet domain name confusion, especially if this is the first time domain name registration. The VEO Report is here to help make sense of all the stuff on the World Wide Web, it really is a great big place with a lot of mis-information so there is no wonder that you could be confused by domain names and how to register an effective domain to achieve your web site objectives.

I have included a video on this post showing you where I got a free domain and the methodology I used to register a domain name.

To summarize the process I go through, I will begin by explaining that my objective with every domain name registration is to make money. While your objective might be to support a non-profit cause or simply to get your thoughts heard because you want to become famous via the internet, whatever your reason for wanting to get a domain name I will guide you through the process of registering a domain.

1. I find products that are already selling

Watch my video on how to find the best selling items on Amazon

2. Research target keyword phrases.

Typically, if you get a top level keyword phrase worked into your domain name registration it will help you get to the top of the search engines on search terms that your target audience is typing into looking for your products, services or ideas.

I use WordTracker to find out what the most search keywords are on the internet that related to the topic of interest that I am going to focus my website around.

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3. Search for an available domain name

Now that you know how people are searching for you on the search engines it’s time to register your domain name.

Get a FREE domain name here

Domain Name Registration – More Great Information

If you need to get a better understanding of what jargon like generic top-level domains mean to help eliminate confusion in domain name registration, I have written a few articles to help you understand and register a domain name.

To help you get a better understanding about what all those top level domain extensions mean you can check out the article titled What do the Domain Extensions Stand For

You can also read the article I wrote, Where Can I Buy a Domain Name, in this article I show you where you can get a free domain name with your website hosting.

If you are ready to buy a domain name right now you can take advantage of the FREE domain name offer presented by BlueHost.

Click Here to Get Your Free Domain Name

Go ahead and submit your questions or comments about registering a domain name here and I will personally help you get the facts you need to build a successful website.

I am here to help eliminate any internet domain name confusion you have.

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