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My Favorite Legal MP3 Song Search Engine Download Sites

Yeah, I have been on the hunt for the Best MP3 Song Search Engine sources that offer free legal music downloads for a few reasons.

First reason, if you read my post about why I bought an Apple iPod Touch Vs. the iPhone, you will know that I just got myself a brand new, I think it’s a 3rd generation iPod touch with 32GB of storage capacity, but with Steve Jobs releasing new iPod’s and technology like every 6 months I am finding it hard to keep up with exactly what generation iPod Touch is available right now.

But I digress…

I bought this amazingly cool Apple iPod Touch 32 GB from because they seem to always get me the best prices on stuff.

Now that I am muddling my way through using, what I think is the best portable media player / pocket computer / Portable Gaming System plus a LOT more cool features, I bought it because I wanted a VoIP WiFi phone.

Because I worry about having my computing equipment destroyed because of viruses and malware and of course out of respect for the musicians, I like to stayed tuned to the best MP3 song search engine download sites that give me STUDIO QAULITY free music downloads.

Here are the best LEGAL mp3 downloads I found . . . So Far . . .

Where I can use the mp3 song search engine feature to get safe and legal downloads to enjoy on my new MP3 player.

By the way, you might want to bookmark this page right now because I am hell-bent on finding more FREE legal music download sites because I am loving the sound quality delivered with these tunes.

Here are the legal MP3 Song Search Engine Services I signed up for today:

MP3 Song Search Engine #1 – Get 14 Days Free

RealNetworks Super Pass - Free MP3 Download Trial

Get a 14-day Free Trial to SuperPass Now

MP3 Song Search Engine #2 – Get 15 FREE MP3 Downloads

Free Napster Music

Napster gives you a 7 day free trial, start downloading songs with Napster

Napster has millions of songs. Try it FREE for 7 days, and start downloading music today!

MP3 Song Search Engine #3 – Claim your 25 FREE MP3 Downloads

eMusic Free MP3 Downloads

As I found out today because I consider myself very technically savvy because of my previous work I did in the tech sector. I found that technology is still moving VERY fast AND because I now work as an online search engine marketing (SEM) professional that there are some very DIRTY tricks that some evil-doers use to gain access to you personal information which they then in turn use to try to commit hanus acts like identity theft.

It is because of my in depth knowledge of how the internet works that I live in fear of downloading my favorite MP3 song titles, combined with my respect for the music recording industry, that I get my music download ONLY from legal MP3 song search engine directories.

Here is a review of my personal short list of MP3 Song Search Engine Download Directories:

Get FREE access now to these LEGAL mp3 song search directories now:

1. RealNetworks 14 Day FREE Download Trial

2. FREE 7 Day Napster Download Trial

3. Yes . . I have been saving the BEST MP3 site for last…

Use this MP3 song search engine now and get 25 FREE mp3 downloads, that’s like an ENTIRE cd download for nothing

Get 25 FREE song downloads now at Now

Please let me know if you got a list of MP3 song search engine web sites that first of all offer free downloads but more importantly I want to hear about places where you got free downloads legally.

Submit your questions and comment on the blog or submit your list of favorite MP3 download sites and why you like them on the blog comments here.

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