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Oceanic VEO 100

Oceanic VEO 100

Oceanic VEO 100Best Prices Click Here

The Oceanic Veo 100 personal dive computer is an incredibly easy to use entry level dive computer and is perfect for new divers. If you think you’ll be diving for years to come you should consider getting the Veo 280 unit however if all you want is basic personal dive computer then the Oceanic Veo 100 will be perfect for you.

Oceanic Veo 100 NX

Oceanic Veo 100 NX

Oceanic Veo 100 NXBest Prices Click Here

The Oceanic Veo 100 NX gives you everything you need in an Air/Nitrox dive computer and as is the case with Oceanic Veo products the display is easy to read and more importantly it’s easy to use

  • Air and Nitrox Operating Modes
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Push button customizable information during your dive
  • Water activation
  • Hot swapable battery replacement that maintains dive info
  • Safety stop prompt
  • Oceanic VEO 180

    Oceanic VEO 180

    Oceanic VEO 180 Best Prices Click Here

    The Oceanic Veo 180 gives you leading edge features with incredible ease of use, the veo 180 has everything you need in a dive computer

    Veo 180 Features:

  • Display your dive time remaining
  • Oversized digits for easy reading
  • Audible alarms with flashing LED warning light Alarm for safer dives
  • Air or Nitrox Adjustable algorithm
  • Automatic safety stop prompt
  • Auto altitude compensation
  • Hot swap replacement batteries with dive information saved when changing batteries
  • 24 Hour fly countdown and calculated desaturation time
  • Variable ascent rate indicator
  • Depth dependent ascent rate
  • SmartGlo Backlighting
  • Nitrox compatible from 21% to 50%
  • Set your own Max P02 level
  • Oceanic VEO 250

    Oceanic VEO 250

    Oceanic Veo 250 – Best Prices Click Here

    The Oceanic Veo 250 is a higher end personal dive computer that gives you operating modes for Air and Nitrox and has advanced settings that lesser dive computers don’t have. The Veo 250 gives you 4 dive modes that you can switch between during your dive.

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