seaeagle 380x review

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seaeagle 380x review

I am an avid watersports person and had been considering purchasing a traditional canoe for quite some time until I discovered SeaEagle. I now have the Sea Eagle Explorer 380x inflatable kayak.

Knowing that my kayak was on it’s way, I was like a kid waiting for Christmas and when I heard a truck outside my house and then the ring of the doorbell I knew that my kayak had arrived. I flew down the stairs and there was the UPS delivery person with 3 average size boxes that contained my latest toy!

The packaging for the Sea Eagle Explorer 380x consisted of a long narrow box which had my two kayaking paddles, a small box contained the inflatable seats and the kayak itself was packaged into a box that was 9.5″ high, 19″ wide and 30″ in length. I was quite pleasantly surprised at how well my new boat came packaged.

Upon opening the boxes the kayak was packaged in a carrying case which is very convenient for storing the kayak and travelling with it. There are a few streams that I know of that will require a bit of a hike to get to and the carrying case will make that very convenient.

My first outting in the Sea Eagle Explorer 380x was for a lake paddle. I had to get this kayak out on the water immediately and that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t care about the adverse weather on the day I took my kayak out. The winds were blowing between 45 and 50 mph with changing wind directions which created quite a chop on the water. I was very impressed with the stability of the Sea Eagle Explorer 380x kayak as I know that if I was in a traditional canoe I would certainly have been capsized. At no point did I feel any danger of going over.

I would definitely recommend the Sea Eagle Explorer 380x as a great choice for those thinking of a canoe or a kayak. If you have any specific questions about my experience with the Sea Eagle inflatable kayak or if you have been considering purchasing one and you just aren’t sure if it’s right for you, please e-mail (click here) me and I would love to chat about my boat 🙂
Reasons why I would purchase another Sea Eagle Explorer 380x:
Quality – Sea Eagle boats are simply constructed very well and will definitely last for many years
Flexibility – Use it as a canoe for a family outing or go crashing through whitewater as a kayak
Rigid – Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks keep their shape – these are quality inflatables
Convenience – One person can easily carry it
Less storage space – After a great day on the water, it deflates and folds up saving space in my garage
Handling – very easy to maneuvre even in high winds
Stability – much more stable than a canoe and easier loading
Portability – Easy to strap on to roof of car (I like to inflate it the night before I go out to save the extra 7 minutes it takes me to inflate the boat – that’s 7 minutes more that I can be paddling)

seaeagle 380X review

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