Using Web Audio for Success

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Using Web Audio for Success

It would be hard to argue against the fact that adding audio to a website increases your overall results. If you’re not using audio on your sites, you’re making a mistake. Audio increases opt-ins. Audio increases sales.

Why does it work?

It’s simple. Audio breaks the silence of the web. Audio adds a human quality to your site. And makes people feel they’re dealing with a real person. In short, it makes your site come alive. Which fascinates greater interaction from your visitors.

Here are the benefits

Adding audio increases your profits in two ways. You will close more sales. And you’ll spend less getting those customers. Instead of having to pay a professional to write you a great sales letter. Simply record an audio message yourself. An authentic message from you will do more than the best ad copy.

You’ll get more subscribers, too. People need to be told exactly what to do. Just add a short audio message saying: Enter your email address in the form. That alone can increase opt-in rates up to 310%!

How to use website audio

Put a welcome message that plays automatically on your site, Most websites are cold and in-human. Grabbing their attention like this helps you keep them on your site.

Lead them by the had. Just like in the opt-in example. You just explain what to do first, then next, etc. That includes filling in your order form!

Testimonials for your product or service. A written testimonial is good. But what’s even better are audio testimonials. It’s pretty easy to fake a written testimonial. Audio adds a level of higher believability. And that increases your results.

Power tip

Did you ever think of making a product just by recording some audio? This is by far the easiest content to produce. Plus people love audio products. Podcasts are still popular, so this is a great format. Plus you can get them transcribed cheap. Then you’ve got an eBook, too – but it was easy to create!

How hard is adding audio?

It’s so simple you won’t believe it. There are quite a few audio streaming software programs out there. The software does all the work. The software creates the audio button code for you. You just copy and paste into your website. So don’t let this stop you.

In closing

Just a reminder of why you want to start using audio. Putting streaming audio on your site will boost all your results. No doubt your sales will go up. You will also increase your subscriber opt-ins. And you can use it to create products and sales letters quickly. It’s a less often used medium. But you’ll save a lot of time and money. Start using it today and you’ll be glad you did.

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