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WordPress Hosting Plans

WordPress Hosting Plans

As you know WordPress is simply the best website builder because of the ease of publishing, set-up and how search engine friendly it is to help get you success online.

Let’s discuss some considerations you should take into account with WordPress Hosting Plans. There are certainly thousands of companies that claim to have the best hosting plans and will try to entice you into their hosting plans by offering hosting as low as a $2 to $3 / month.

But as an online business owner that has been through it all, when I see hosting plans that low, I know from experience that my web server is going to crash a LOT!

Like everything in life, you get what you pay for and that holds true for web hosting plans too.

WordPress Hosting Plans – What to Consider

When you are comparing web hosting plans you want to ensure you are getting the maximum value for your money and here I am going to share what I believe to be the best 2 WordPress hosting plans money can buy.

The companies I am going to discuss are the companies I use as my business hosting providers.

You will want to make sure your hosting provider offers a control panel that features Fantastico because you will definitely save yourself a LOT of headaches with the WordPress auto install that you get with having a control panel that includes Fantastico.

Free Hosting Trial Offer

Of course the best WordPress hosting plans have enough confidence in their web hosting plans to give a free hosting trial.

That’s what got me hooked on GoldBar’s Business Hosting Plan.

What I love about this hosting company is you get more than just WordPress hosting, you also get integrated marketing solutions that you can easily plug-in to your business as you grow.

In order to run a SUSTAINABLE online business you MUST have at least TWO things:

1. You need a hosting provider

2. You need an Autoresponder

When you get the free trail of Goldbar, you get both hosting and autoresponder included with your WordPress hosting plan.

Free Domain Registration Offer

If you aren’t concerned about getting an autoresponder included at no additional cost with your WordPress hosting plan and want to take advantage of getting a free domain registration then I recommend getting your WordPress hosting plan here.

When you take advantage of the free domain registration at BlueHost, you also get added flexibility in payment options when you want to buy more domain names later, with BlueHost you can buy your domain names using PayPal (I personally prefer to pay via PayPal).

Get Your Free Domain Registration Here when you get a WordPress hosting plan now.

If you have any questions about hosting plans or how to switch from an existing hosting plan so that you can take advantage of these offers, please go ahead and submit your questions and comments below.

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