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Writing a Web Site Plan

Writing a Web Site Plan Made Easy

Video Tutorial for setting website categories

Writing a web site plan is actually a very simple, yet cumbersome process. Because when you are putting a business plan together for your web site you absolutely must find out exactly how people are looking for the products you intend to sell.

What I do when writing a web site plan is start with product research followed by keyword research.

Once I have determined a based set of products to promote I will begin brainstorming categories of complementary products and services.

Here is a case study outline of writing a web site plan for my new site that will sell MP3 Players.

1. Visit Amazon.com

I do this to get a list of the best sellers. This is a really fast way of finding out what products are selling right now, essentially by doing this you are putting together a recession proof business plan.

To get the best sellers simply click through the various categories at Amazon.com and click on the “Bestsellers” tab on their web site.

When you are starting a business it is VERY wise to sell what’s already selling.

2. Keyword Research

I will then use WordTracker to generate a list of keyword phrases to target to get search engine traffic by writing articles using Visitor Experience Optimization (VEO) techniques.

Right now you can Get a 7 Day Free Trail of WordTracker

3. Create a List of Categories

By using the market intelligence gained by researching the best selling items on Amazon.com and generating a list of keyword phrases to target I can now start writing a web site plan by looking for complementary products and services that fit perfectly with my core line of products to sell.

This research will form the categories I will use to form my web site plan.

4. Create a Content Creation Plan

Now that I have set the foundation of my web site plan by choosing web site categories I will create a content creation plan of articles, podcasts and videos to create for my website.

While this is a highly simplified guide to writing a web site plan, you will get the facts start to finish when you subscribe to the VEO Online Success series of tutorials you will learn how to create a risk free business plan by testing products and services using affiliate programs.

In case you don’t know what affiliate programs are, you get paid a commission selling other people’s stuff, hence this is a risk free approach because you don’t have to neither buy shopping cart software nor to you have to source products and have the worries of product fulfillment.

If you don’t already have your free subscription to the VEO Affiliate Success Tutorials go ahead and enter your name and email address into the form on this site to gain access now.

But if you have immediate questions or concerns about writing a web site plan please submit your questions here.

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